This January 31th, 2017, Line of Sight, the next-gen FPS online game that features many unique and innovated systems, is officially releasing as Free-To-Play on STEAM.  After the initial Early Access on September 2016, significant changes have made on the weapon balances, items prices adjustment, new contents, numerous bug fixes, and etc., by listening to user feedback, Line of Sight is finally ready for the official release. The game is developed by BLACKSPOT Entertainment Inc., which comprises the Team Leaders from NEXON and creators of Combat Arms.

Line of Sight takes place in a modern military setting in a twisted reality. The story begins following the aftermath of World War 2. Defected German scientists succeed breeding genetically modified soldiers, under a government sponsored agency called PIA to enhance solders with super human powers. But the first generations has some defects and PIA wanted to destroy them all. However, they managed fled to Russia to form a group called “Psygen.” Psygens are unpredictable and very powerful and willing to do anything to survive. PIA declares Pysgen as terrorist and to fight them off, PIA orders another research to breeds second generation super human soldiers known as “Centurion”. Centurions are more domicile but in current form, they are not as powerful as Psygen. To fight against Psygen, PIA knows that they have to launch another project to make Centurions more powerful. And to make them without any defects, they first breed genetically perfect human called “Alpha Child”. Psygen also knows about this, and want to have Alpha Child into the custody.

And now, the epic battle begin between Psygen and Centurion, and whoever get the control of Alpha Child will have the power to destroy the other.
Witness a whole new breed of military FPS game with multiple game modes to play. Line of Sight showcases a unique flexible customization system with a variety of characters and weapon modifications to choose from.

Grab a copy of the game now and face-off with other combatants in a whole new level of warfare with this unique addition to the FPS genre!

Play for free now on Steam