UI Overview


Free Item of the Day

The Free Item of the Day on the main page features items that can be used for free for 1 day.

You are also welcome to purchase the Free Item of the Day, but we recommend that you take the opportunity to try it out first.

Firing Range

If the item you want to purchase is not a Free Item of the Day, you can still try it out at the Firing Range by clicking on the “Firing Range” button/target icon found in the Inventory, Shop, and Equipment and Tuning menus.

If you are just testing it out, you cannot use the item in-game, but you can test it out and decide whether you’d like to purchase it.

Dropped Weapons

If a player dies in-game, they will drop their primary weapon, which you can go and pick up and use immediately by pressing the E key.

You can try out different weapons that way.

Previewing Items

In the case of Abilities, you cannot try them out before purchasing, however, you can see a demo video when you click on the Ability icon in the Shop or Inventory.

All items, including Abilities, share more details on the left side. Compare different ones before making your purchase.


In addition to testing out items, you can see the loadout of high-ranking players in the Waiting Room by clicking on the player icon.

Studying other players’ choices might help you to decide which items to purchase.


Characters and Weapons

You can show off your own unique style by customizing weapons in the Tuning Shop, and characters in the Equipment Shop.


In the Tuning Shop, you can enhance weapon performance by attaching various items and changing camouflages and colors.


In the Equipment Shop, you can enhance your characters and show off their personalities.

Please note that the items you purchase belong exclusively to the current character and they cannot be equipped to another one of your characters.

Teçhizat Özelleştirme

Özelleştirme tamamlandıktan sonra teçhizatlarınıza kolayca erişebilirsiniz.


Silah Özellikleri

Tüm silahların kendilerine özgü özellikleri vardır ve bunların keşfedilmesi önemlidir.

Hafif Makineli silahlar ve Saldırı tüfekleri iyi hareket edebilme kabiliyetine sahiptir, Makineli tüfekler hareket edebilme yeteneğinden yoksun ancak ateşleme güçleri yüksektir, Pompalı tüfekler yakın mesafelerde çok kullanışlılardır, Keskin Nişancı Tüfekleri uzak mesafeli hedefler üzerinde çok etkilidir.

Oyun stilinize uygun bir silah kategorisinden amacınıza uygun olan bir silahı seçin.

Character Capabilities

All characters have their own unique characteristics. Choose the one that fit your play style best.

The characteristics and appearances of each character may vary, but overall, none are good/bad, nor weak/powerful in comparison to one another.


It's important to learn the features of each Ability. For example, Psionic Abilities have different timing, damage and effectiveness depending on the situation.

ESP Ability effectiveness depends on your playing strategy/tactics, and whether you're part of a team or playing alone.

Combat Mastery will usually complement PK and ESP Abilities.

Choose PK and ESP abilities first, and then choose Combat Masterys that complement them.

Enjoy the Game


Clicking on the Matchmaking button will allow you to automatically match with players of similar levels.

Playing games through Matchmaking will give you extra rewards, thus, it’s a highly recommended way of getting into the game.

More on Matchmaking

Users can still choose their preferred modes in Matchmaking, however, maps are voted on by all of the users in the Matchmaking room.

You can participate in Matchmaking individually, or with friends/clans through a party.

Custom Game Options

If you want a special limits in a mode, such as Sniper or Shotgun only, you can create a custom room by clicking on the Custom button.

You can either create a custom room or enter an already-made custom room, and set various battle options.

If you enter a Sniper limited match without a sniper gun already equipped, a sniper gun will be issued to you, but the points will be subtracted from your rewards at the end of the match.

Abilities Overview

Types of Abilities

In general, there are 4 different Ability categories: attacking (Psionic), supportive (ESP), passive (Combat Mastery), and special (Awakening).


Psionic Abilities can be used like a weapon, resulting in damage to enemies.

When a Psionic is used, it consumes a large amount of Ability Points and also has an HP penalty.

It is ready to use again when the orange icon at the bottom right corner of the HUD activates.

It is used by pressing the F key (by default) or the middle-mouse-button. There are three different types of Psionic Abilities: immediate (used immediately), delayed (charges while button is pressed), and targeted (the crosshair points to the target).


ESP does not incur damage to enemies, but it does affect game play. It uses a low amount of Ability Points and results in a small HP penalty.

It is ready to use when the blue icon (next to the orange Psionic icon) activates.

ESP can be activated and used immediately by pressing the V key or scrolling the mouse-wheel-up.

Combat Mastery

Combat Mastery is enabled from level 10. You will start with 10 points and gain 1 point for each level-up up to level 20.

There three different kinds of Combat Masteries.

Equipment Mastery: There are Equipment related Masteries to improve weapons, and enhance protection to help fight directly in a battle.

Stragegy Mastery : These Masteries will provides you various strategies and assistant skill to help you fight in a battle, such as better Rader skills, faster movement speed, and etc.

Reinforcement Mastery : These Masteries will provide more HP and improve Abilities you have.


Awakening is activated automatically when a player dies several times consecutively without killing enemies.

It is designed to help balance the players with different skill levels.

First death: Ability Point increases

Second death: Damage reduction

Third death: Recoil reduction

Fourth death: Attacking damage onto enemies increases. When you kill an enemy, it resets the Awakening streak. Suicide is not included in the Awakening streak.

Buddies and Chatting

Adding Buddies

You can add your friend by clicking with your right mouse on a profile picture and choosing "Add Buddy" from the menu.

Other Users

Chatting with a buddy can be initiated by double-clicking on the friend from the messenger, or by right-clicking on a player in the Waiting Room.

While in a match, /w “Nickname” command will start the chat.

Random Users

If you have a certain chat topic, you can create a chat room. You can also search and enter a chat room of your liking. The chat menu is located at the lower right corner.

Friends from Facebook

If you connect to Facebook, you can add Facebook friends to your Buddy list, and register your Facebook profile picture as the in-game profile picture.

Team Death Match Mode


Players can respawn in Team Death Match.

When dead, you can press the Spacebar key to respawn without delay so that you can participate in as many as battles possible.

When respawning you are invincible for 3 seconds.


In Team Death Match, aggressive game play will help you to achieve a higher score than passive play. Using Psionic Abilities as much as possible will help you maintain an aggressive play and will increase your chances of killing enemies.

Domination Mode


In Domination Mode, there are 3 areas to dominate. The more areas your team occupies, the higher the points your team will earn. The first team to reach the target score will win the match.

When dead, players will respawn at the farthest place from the enemies, but at the same time, they will respawn as close to the allies as possible. You can press the Spacebar to respawn without delay.


In Domination Mode, team strategy is important because your team has to defend multiple areas.

Allocating the right amount of players for each area is crucial and defending more than 2 areas during the game is the key for success.

Watch the Minimap. It will indicate Blue for ally occupation, and Red for enemy occupation. When enemies take over ally area, it will be indicated with an exclamation point “!” and will show the enemy’s positions.


Within an ally's or enemy's occupying area, a large damage area will be assigned by Psionic attack Abilities such as Satellite Strike, and will be very effective.

Free For All Mode


In FFA, all bodies are enemies, thus battle encounters are much more frequent, even with fewer players, than in other modes.

When dead, you can respawn immediately by pressing Spacebar and stay invincible for 3 seconds.

Contrôler la Minimap

Quand les joueurs échangent des tirs , leurs positions états sont révélées sur la Minimap . Vérifier donc la Minimap souvent .

Toutefois , avoir un silencieux sur votre arme réduira votre exposition sur la Minimap .


Team Survivor Mode


In Team Survivor, respawning within a round is not permitted.

Staying alive for longer than the enemies is important, until all enemies are eliminated.

When the same number of players survive by the end of the round, each team will earn 1 point.

Watch the Minimap

In this game mode, keep in mind that the location of all players will be shown on the Minimap every 30 seconds.

Also, 30 seconds before the end of the round, everyones’ movement will get faster, and their location will remain visible on the Minimap.

It is a good strategy to use Jammer (ESP Ability) so as to not disclose your location in this situation.

Don't give up

There is a side-switch in the match, so even if one side has a disadvantage in the first-half, they will soon be playing from the other side in the second half. So, don’t lose hope and do your best at all times.

Search & Destroy Mode


SND will have two sides: offensive and defensive. The offensive team tries to plant the bomb in either area A or B, and defensive team tries to prevent the planting of the bomb or dismantle the planted bomb. SND is one of the most strategical modes. Respawn is not allowed, thus, high caution is necessary.

Utilisation des ESP

En terme de capacités  , les capacités ESP , comme le Scan et affichage des traces de pas , qui vous permette de localiser les ennemis sont d'une aide précieuse pour vous et votre équipe pour gagner .


Etkili Saldırı

Saldırırken, A ve B alanlarına eşzamanlı olarak hareket etmeyi deneyin.

Takım olarak hareket ederken, el bombalarına veya alan saldırı hasarlarına dikkat edin.

Bir bomba kurarken  en az 30 saniye gerekir. Bomba kurulurken herkesin ekip üyelerini desteklemesi ve daha sonra bombayı savunması gerekiyor.


Defend Effectively

When defending, equal spread to area A and area B is best.

When an enemy’s attack is detected, everyone needs to hurry to the attack location for support.

Don’t Give Up

During the match, there will be a team-switch, where the attacker become the defender and vice versa. Do don’t give up and do you best at all times.

Crystal Boost Mode


In Crystal Boost Mode, Crystals are randomly generated and you must try to collect as many as possible in order to earn higher scores and strengthen Abilities.

In addition, eliminating players with many Crystals in your stash will earn you higher scores.

Earn Crystals

Crystals are generated at random locations but at fixed time intervals.

The maximum number of Crystals a player can collect is 9.

When a Crystal is collected, HP will recharge to 100%, and both movability and Ability recharging rate increases according to the number of Crystals collected.

Max Amount of Crystals

The player will respawn close to an ally player with the highest number of Crystals. Therefore, winning highly depends on the tactics of the player who has the most Crystals.

Caution is advised for the player with the most Crystals, because the player’s name and location will be exposed on both the ally and enemy Minimaps at all time.


The duration to wait before pressing the Spacebar is slightly longer than other modes so that you can wait for the right respawn time. When a player dies, they will drop half of their collected Crystals.

The dropped Crystals will look like individual Crystals visually but the size may vary depending on number of the Crystals dropped: bigger-looking Crystals contain a higher number of Crystals and anyone can reclaim it, thus, when you see a big Crystal, try to collect it before the enemies.

Dual Match Mode

Düello Modu Hakkında

Düello Maçında,  oyuncu rasgele bir oyuncuyla 1v1 düello yapar.

Ayrıca haritalar da rastgele seçilecek. Mevcut tüm haritaları önceden incelemek size maç sırasında avantaj sağlayabilir.

Her iki oyuncu da birbirinden uzak olduğunda, konumu Mini Haritada gösterilir ve yaklaştıkça kaybolur. Rakibinizi bulamadığınızda Mini Haritayı kontrol etmeniz size fayda sağlayabilir.

How to score

Each 1vs1 round will last until preset time.

Score will depends on Win/Lose/Kills when each round terminate.

Ranking and Win/Lose

The total points earned from all round will determin the final ranking.

Win, if your rank is at the top half, Lose, otherwise.

AI Team Death Match


Enemy team is consist of all AI bots and Ally team is consist of human players.

If there are missing players, it will be replaced with AI bots automatically.

How to score

AI mode is recommended for beginners to get familar with the controls and to improve skills.

AI bots do not use Psionic power.

AI bots will have the same appearance and weapon loadouts of the best players in Line of Sight from the previous day.

Defense Mode


The objective of Defense Mode is to protech the energy source. There are total of 10 Waves.

If you can protech the energy source during that time, you will win the mission.

Do not let the enemy get near the enery source and try to stay near it. HP will reduce if you stay too far from the energy source.

If you run out of ammos, go to a Ammo Box and press E button to replentish them.

Zombi Türleri


Savunma Modunda 6 farklı zombi vardır.

  1. Asker Zombi : En zayıf düşman sınıfıdır yakınına bir oyuncu yaklaştığında saldıracaktır.
  2. Tanker Zombi : Cok yüksek miktarca canı bulunur ve yakınına gelen oyuncuya saldıracaktır.
  3. Nişancı Zombi : Çok uzak mesafeli atışlar yapabilir, saldırdığında oyuncunun görüş açısını bulandırır.
  4. Bombacı Zombi : Diğerlerine nazaran daha hızlı ve seri haraket eder ve bir oyuncunun yakınına ulaşırsa patlayacaktır. Tuhaf ve bir ses çıkarır yaklaşırken onu duyabilirsin. Yaklaştığını anlamak icin bu sese kulak ver.
  5. Zehirleyici Zombi : Yyuncuları hedef almaz ama buna nazaran direk olarak enerji kaynağına saldırmayı seçer. Çok yüksek canı vardır, gördüğünüzde ilk saldırmanız gereken düşmandır.
  6. Kucaklayıcı Zombi :  Nişancı ve tanker'in özelliklerinin nitekim birleşimi gibidir.Yakın ve uzak mesafelere rahatlıkla saldırabilir. Diğerleri gibi çok yüksek canı bulunur ve savaşması (öldürmesi) en zor düşmandır.

Psişik Yetenekler

Yetenek Göstergesi her zamankinden daha hızlı dolacaktır ve böylece yeteneklerinizi daha sık kullanabilirsiniz. Yeteneklerinizi daha sık kullanmak akıllıca olacaktır.


Direnç ve Yem gibi  ESP  Yetenekleri Savunma Modunda oldukça etkilidir.


Başarılı bir görev için Muharebe Ustalığına iyi bir kombinasyon bulmak çok önemlidir.


How to fight

The Infector type will damage the Energy Source faster, so it's important to eliminate them first if possible.

Most of the Infectants except the Infector and Huger have relatively low HP. Using a Pyschic attack can be quite effective.

Headshots are very effective against the Infector type.

If you wear a protective suit (PPU), it can increase protection against the Shooter and Bomber types.

Clan Community

About Clans

If you join a clan, you can share messages, chat, participate in Clan Matches and others.

You can also earn extra Clan Points to use in various activities.

Clan Page

If you didn’t join a clan previously, you can request to join a clan or search clans from Clan Search Page.

Once you join a clan, Clan Page will be availble.

Klan oluştur yada Bir klana katıl

21. Seviyeye ulaştığınızda klan kurabilirsiniz.

Bununla birlikte istediğiniz zaman bir klana katılabilirsiniz. Bir klana katılmak isterseniz Klan Arama Sayfasından istediğiniz bir klanı arayabilir ve katılma isteği gönderebilirsiniz.


Clan Chat and Messenger

Once you join a clan, the list of clan member will be shown in a Messenger Clan tab.You can chat with a clan members easily.

You can also invite clan memebers in Match Making.