During WWII, it was a well-known fact that the United States, Germany and the USSR were in a race to develop nuclear weapons. A lesser known fact was that Germany was secretly trying to create genetically-enhanced soldiers, the first of their kind. These genetically-enhanced soldiers, or Uber Soldiers, would feel no pain, have quick reflexes and the strength of many men.

In the late 1940s, after Germany was defeated in WWII, many German scientists defected to the United States and assumed new identities through “Operation Paperclip.” It was believed that some of these scientists continued their research of creating Uber Soldiers under a secret code name.

Supposedly related to the secret project, another project was established in 1978 called “Stargate Project” by U.S. Army Intelligence. This project focused on cultivating human psychic powers such as remote visions to locate nuclear test sites and telesqash to kill animals by staring into their eyes and stopping their hearts.



“Stargate Project” was short-lived however. It had to be shut down in 1995 when the knowledge of its existence was exposed by an insider, Joseph McMoneagle. When the public found out about the project, they dismissed it as a hoax and a joke. Many people did not take psionic abilities seriously.

Taking advantage of people’s ignorance, the “Stargate Project” was reborn as “Europa.” The psionic research continued on a much bigger scale more covertly than before in a remote location not marked on any map.

What the public didn’t know was that “Stargate Project” was actually successful. The test subjects were able to locate secret nuclear test sites of Soviet Union. The breakthrough was due to a drug called Agent-GX invented by a former German scientist, Dr. Adrian Geiger, now working for the Americans. Agent-GX enhanced human psionic powers beyond belief. It worked by not only rewiring the test subject’s synaptic connections but by tripling the number of synaptic connections. This gave the test subjects quick reflexes, super strength, remote viewing, telekinesis and telesquash abilities.

Agent-GX was not without harmful effects though. If the test subject was not strong enough or had defects genetically, he suffered brain damage and even death. Those test subjects that survived but suffered brain damage were terminated. Due to the dangers of Agent-GX, death-row inmates were recruited for the experiments. The death-row inmates had nothing to lose. They could either wait for their execution or survive the experiment and serve the U.S. military.

Out of dozens of inmates, only 8 of them survived. These 8 came to be known as “Psygens.” These Psygens were extremely strong with psionic powers but they were violent, ruthless, lacked morality and were difficult to control due to their original nature.




The Psygens gave PIA (Psionic Intelligence Agency, a special interest group in U.S. military) headache at the same time because they were not always obedient. PIA wanted a different group of psionic soldiers that they could count on. The solution was to create a new group of soldiers from loyal U.S. military personnel. The second group would be called “Centurions.” PIA directed Dr. Hendrix to spearhead a second group of scientists to start research on the Centurion project.

In the meantime, Dr. Geiger continued his research on Psygens. Dr. Geiger was impressed with Psygens’ abilities but he wanted more. He wanted a way to enhance Psygens’ abilities. He discovered that Psygen’s abilities were powerful but still limited due to defects in human genome. He needed to create a new human being without any genetic defects that interfered with Agent-GX. To do this he would need to genetically engineer a new human being using illegal genome research. Having worked during ruthless wartime, that did not bother Dr. Geiger one bit. He carried out his research and was successful in creating the new human called the “Alpha Child” in his lab.

The Alpha Child had five times the synaptic connections of normal humans and had no known genetic defects, thus having capacity for much more psionic abilities without side-effects than ordinary humans. The Alpha Child was like a holy grail for psionic research in that she is also the gateway to enhance other soldiers’ psionic abilities.

Dr. Geiger was ecstatic for creating the Psygens and the Alpha Child. However, PIA did not approve of Psygens and they were nearing completion of Centurions. As the research into both Psygens and Centurions continued, PIA became suspicious of Dr. Geiger’s Alpha Child project. Dr. Geiger knew that it was only a matter of time before he was found out. His life was in danger. Furthermore, he knew that once Centurions came into existence, Psygens would be exterminated. Psygens were Dr. Geigers’ children and he would protect them as his own.

Dr. Geiger decided to run away with his Psygens and the Alpha Child. He planned their escape methodically. First, he made fake clones of Psygens and switched them with real ones. He then instructed his most loyal Psygen Gereto to smuggle out other Psygens in coffins disguised as dead bodies to be transported to locations unknown to PIA.



One night, as Dr. Geiger was preparing to blow up his lab in order to fake his own death, chemicals ignited prematurely. A big fire stood between Dr. Geiger and the Alpha Child. Alarms started going off and the guards were on their way. He had no choice but to abandon the Alpha Child and escape. He first fled to Mexico, then to Cuba. A few months later, Dr. Geiger found himself in Moscow, Russia where he met his old colleague and friend Dr. Boris Jung. Dr. Jung had been working on Uber Soldier program for the Russians without much success. Dr. Geiger summoned Gereto and other Psygens to join him in Russia. Then, Dr. Geiger and Dr. Jung joined forces to create more powerful Psygens.

With more dangerous Psygens on their way to maturity, Dr. Geiger’s army of psionic soldiers have become a force to be reckoned with. The Centurions now have an uphill battle to fight against Psygens. It is a hopeless fight but they still had Alpha Child in their custody. Alpha Child is their only hope to victory!



Which forces will you join? The ambitious and dangerous Psygens? Or dedicated and loyal pacific Centurions?