Next-Gen Graphics


The first thing players will notice is Line of Sight (LoS)’s use of the latest graphics technology powered by Unreal Engine graphics.
LoS graphics push the latest GPUs to the limit and it is also optimized to run on low-end graphics well.
Your investment on graphics hardware will be well justified in LoS.

Unique Game Contents

Line of Sight is a modern military FPS with unique elements called, SuperPower(SP). SP includes Psionic Abilities where you can inflict large damages to your enemies, and ESP, a magic power often seen in RPG games.
SP makes unique gameplay possible and it is unavailable in traditional FPS games. It’s revolutionary, therefore it will require some adjustment period. However, once users get adjusted, user will appreciate the unique experience that no other FPS game can provide.

However, for those who only likes traditional FPS games, LoS provides “Classic Mode” where user can completely turn off SP and enjoy the gameplay as any other tradition FPS games.

Weapon Tuning System

Are you a military mania who likes realistic weapons? If you are, you are in for a treat!
LoS features the best in its class and realistic weapon tuning system for all weapons. It includes not only primary weapons but all secondary weapons which will have many customization options. We pay special attentions to details even to invisible parts to make it genuine. The details will be shown in disassembled view where you can inspect each individual parts.


Character Customization System

Line of Sight has the most detailed weapons tuning system but it just doesn’t stop there, likewise, the character customization features highly customizable system very similar to weapons.
It’s not only fun to play with customization system but it provides the user’s own unique characters that are easily recognizable from other users.


Real-time Built-in Statistics Analysis

Line of Sight will analyze your game play statistics by map, weapon, game mode, etc. User can have overview of their progress and also study and learn from the gameplay data, all available directly within the game.
Player can not only see their own statistics data but they can browse competitor’s data as well.
Best of all, all statistical data is available in real-time and make them useful immediately after each gameplay.

Social Network System

Line of Sight integrates Facebook into the client directly.
You can use your own Facebook profile image and invite your Facebook friends to play the game together.
You can also take a screenshot at any time and upload it to your Facebook and show off to your friends.
The SNS feature will continue expand with new features as the game grows to make more different types of interaction possible.

Built-in Ranking Match System

Most of the ranking matches are done outside of the client but Line of Sight has built-in ranking match system and it is available for users at any time.
Line of Sight provides Ranking Matches for both Individuals and Clans.
The ranking data is immediately updated upon completion of each match so that user can see the changes in rankings in real-time.
There are all-time rankings and several periodical rankings so everyone has more opportunities to influence rankings regardless of durations of participation.

Achievement system

Line of Sight has many different achievements to give players sense of satisfaction for at all level.

Shooting Range

Line of Sight has innovated shooting range where you can test any characters, abilities, and weapons before the purchase and to practice.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Missions

In Line of Sight, users will always have something to do at all time, from easy to difficult missions and appropriate rewards will be given according to the level of difficulties.